Ed Wasser is a native of New York. He acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the State University of New York, SUNY Purchase Conservatory. After college Ed started his own business called Ad Skates, Inc., while continuing acting classes at the Michael Howard Studios. On his spare time he accrued Off-Broadway and New York regional theater credits. Since his move to Hollywood, he's had several guest-starring roles on Movies of the Week and several television series; produced by HBO, ShowTime, NBC, ABC & CBS.
Ed received many awards in high school playing baseball, it was his first passion and he wanted to play professional. He loved competing in other sports, such as swimming, long distance running, showing horses, and was on a NY State Championship Soccer Team.
The thought of becoming an actor never crossed Ed’s mind. The drama director in high school encouraged Ed to participate. She felt that she could raise the student bodies interest in drama if an athlete was involved. Ed had so much fun, that every winter for the next four years he couldn't wait to do another play. His involvement with the drama club continued during the winter months, while playing his heart out for baseball in the spring.

Ed played baseball with 110% passion and no brains. His enthusiasm for the game taught him a valuable lesson. He would slide into a base headfirst without regard for injury. Ed explained, "Knowing what I know now, if I gave more thought to playing a full season as opposed to being a hero for one game, I would have been much happier." After two consecutive seasons, Ed’s baseball career came to a screeching halt. He separated and dislocated his right shoulder.

After this setback, Ed decided to change his career and auditioned for a couple of Acting Conservatories. He was accepted into the State University of New York at Purchase. Eight hundred people auditioned for the program and only thirty were accepted. "I realized how much I liked being an actor, I couldn't imagine going to school for anything else. I found a new dream, and a new passion." At graduation, Ed was one of sixteen out of thirty actors who actually made it through the program.

After receiving his BFA degree, he started his own business, Ad Skates, Inc., a promotional company. He also produced videos for business to business communications, in house sales training tapes, and satellite up-linking and down-linking around the world. He continued his studies at the Michael Howard Studios and worked Off-Broadway and NY regional theater. Ed realized he was spending most of his time launching his new business, instead of his acting career. One day his grandmother encouraged him to pursue his dream. Well this was just what Ed needed, a push in the right direction. He sold his businesses, bought a new car and drove across the country to Hollywood, California.

This time he made a total commitment to acting. He felt that if he weren't totally focused on acting he would get side tracked. He made a two-year commitment to himself, and financed his career through his credit cards. He was getting deeper and deeper into debt.
Ed found little acting jobs, and continued doing theater and working with casting directors as a reader. It wasn't until Dori Zuckerman called Ed to be a reader for the pilot of Babylon 5 did his career really take a turn. This helped land him a recurring role for the next five seasons as Mr. Morden. He's had guest-starring roles on NYPD Blue and Mike Hammer, and he's worked on several movies.

Ed is well on his way to discovering his dream; we can be confident he won't end up on the disabled list and disappear. He's come a long way since baseball and plans to be around for many seasons to come.