Thank You...My Life Would Not Be The Same!


Thank you God for all your wisdom and guidance. For sending great messengers to this earth filled with love and peace in their heart. There is always someone at every turn of every corner that has you in them, and a lesson for all of us to learn. Please keep me humble and continue to show me the light.

Ed's Parents Dad and Mom.... You have always given your best. I appreciated you a lot when I was a kid (maybe not enough because I didn't know any better), but the older I get the more I appreciate you. Your best is all that anyone could ever ask for, and just for the record, it was more than enough for me. Thank you for all the love and patience you have had for my journey and my growth. Thank you for your strength. I love you two very much! And if you are interested, please visit their store on The Music House.

Dan, Holli and Hannah
Holli...You're my big sister. There is a lot of responsibility in that title. You have been a great example of talent, hard work, sensitivity and stability. And When all else fails I know that you are always there for me with comfort and understanding. Thanks for being a great sis. I love you! For some great music, visit Holli's vocal group online String of Pearls.

Ron... My being the youngest of the family gave me the benefit of watching an older brother grow-up. Your getting there before me helped me make some great choices in my life. Your sensitivity, willingness to work hard at your goals, a long with your undying commitment to live your life the way you want to are great attributes to have. I will always admire you for that. I love you!

Deb... As kids I believe we had the most fun together. Even though you were my younger big sister you treated me like a friend, like an equal. Thank you! Your natural ability to find the joy in a good challenge and the decisiveness it takes to concur it, will always be an inspiration to me. Your children are truly blessed to have you as their mommy. I luuuuva yoooou Deba! :o) Deb's website is: Human Capital Solutions. LLC

Ed's Grandmother Grandma...
You were stubborn, tough, unmovable, smart, witty, playful, grouchy, feisty, controlling, good looking, hot, sexy, and fun, with a heart as big as this galaxy. There was never a moment, in my recollection, where you weren't there to help us as a family or individually. You were so generous and such a great teacher that I can't begin to thank you enough. I will strive to give my grandchildren the gift you have given us...STABILITY!  I love you very much......and we all miss you.

Suzanne....My dear ,dear wife, I am so blessed that you have touched my life. you are the strongest woman I know. Aside from being a successful career woman, you're beautiful, smart, sensitive, caring, nurturing and a great mommy to three beautiful children, you're a leader. I am moved by the amount of lives you have touched, and continue to touch. Your selfless attitude toward other people and the compassion you have for their struggle, is a great example to follow, and I am grateful for all that we share. I couldn't have wished for a better mate. Much love and peace always!

 Byron & Sharon Reese Byron, Sharon & James Reese(not pictured)
Thank you Byron and Sharon Reese for being the founders of the Ed Wasser Fan Club, and Byron's brother James Reese for being the great Web Master that you are. You have worked so hard to bring me closer to all of you, and you are doing such a great job. Byron, Sharon, and James...I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you have done and continue to do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

 The Web Dude Michael Battle
Getting to know you and Wendy at Stellar Occasion 3 and staying in contact over the past few years has been a lot of fun. It's a nice suprise to find that we're working together as well. Thank you for agreeing to take over as designer, creator and webmaster of my website. Your professionalism makes working with you a pleasure. Your ability to get the job done with ease and style makes me very proud to know you. I especially like the fact that you're extremely talented. I look forward to the on going development of this website and our friendship.

Ran Ackels, Paul W. Brown III, Dave Hewitt, Jon Myler
You are a group of truely talented men with integrity. Having had the opportunity to work with you and Precedence Publishing, I have gotten to know you guys quite well. What can I say...there is no end to your success. I continue to enjoy our friendship. Thank you for your support!

Hank Bearings - Acting coach
Hank... Your insight and spiritual approach to life makes you a very powerful coach. You come from a place that very few have traveled. Your guidance in capturing the power of "Mr. Morden" was brilliant, I couldn't have done it with out you! It's always an honor to work with you Hank.

Michael Howard - Acting teacher, NYC
Michael... You were able to create an environment in your class where one could feel safe. Maybe that's because you taught with so much love and passion. You were able to lead an actor to that powerful place of just "being." And on numerous occasions you successfully point out the brilliance one can experience in failure. Thank you for sharing your gift!

Chuck Jones - Voice teacher, NYC
Chuck... Your integrity inspired me to learn all that I could from you. When it comes to learning voice work and being that best actor one can be, you're the answer to every actors dream. Thank you for all your support!

George Morrison - Acting teacher, NYC
George... "Confusion is the door to a new reality", this is something you said and it will always stay with me. Some how searching for the truth seemed OK after that, the "confusion" didn't seem so overwhelming. Your gift was making the students feel comfortable about their journey. You were full of support and encouragement, and had the effect of a quiet storm. Thank you for the impact you have made on my life.

Babylon 5 - Joe Straczynski, Producer/Creator
I know that I have expressed my gratitude to you before, and how blessed I feel to be a part of the Babylon 5 family. One of the great things about the way Babylon 5 is written, is the sensitivity towards other peoples struggle. When it comes to caring, you really go the extra mile. Babylon 5 says a lot about who you are and I just want to thank you for your role in making a difference in my life not to mention viewers all around the world. You have brought a lot of people together Joe, not just because it's science fiction, but because of the example you set in your life and the stories you tell through the show.

Brian Cooney - Convention organizer
Brian... Thanks to you, Wendy and Janet at Wolf 359 I have been introduced to the convention circuit. Your organization has such integrity that everyone looks forward to attending and I'm no exception. Keep up the good work. I would also like to thank you Brian for introducing me to other convention organizers, giving me the opportunity to travel the world and see the fans. Your generosity towards the other organizers, the fans, the stars and myself is something no one can deny. You're a "Jolly Good Fellow." Best wishes always love to you, Janet, Wendy, and of course Jane and Angelia. :o)

To The Many Others Who Have Touched My life .....

I Give You My Heart Felt Thanks!